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Fiber for commercial buildings

Leading Fiber Internet for Commercial Buildings

Are you looking to enhance your business or organization with ultra-fast and reliable commercial Internet service? At Netwire Inc, we offer you high-end fiber Internet for all types of commercial buildings. Our seasoned professionals will be happy to survey your property and design the best network connectivity solution for you that does wonders for your revenues and group communication online!


Super-Fast Internet For Your Tenants

Netwire next-gen Fiber Solutions support a business or an organization to enhance its operations and decision-making rate. They facilitate the group work, both in-office and remote. Netwire cutting-edge Fiber technologies also help to interpret business’s communication, allowing its workers to interact with each other anywhere on any device, empowering them to designate responsibilities, roles, and help groups to coordinate for resolving issues. Netwire next-gen Fiber solutions are beneficial for accomplishing business goals.

Build a Recurring Revenue

Build a Recurring Revenue


The IT industry is quickly adopting recurring revenue models. Earn some revenue by offering businesses and organizations quality Internet connection and 99,97% uptime!

Up To 10 Gbps Symmetrical Internet

Up To 10 Gbps Symmetrical Internet

At Netwire Inc., we develop cutting-edge commercial fiber Internet solutions, such as symmetrical fiber Internet, which delivers equal download and upload speeds. You get up to 10 Gbps Internet to focus on your work rather than on the poor internet quality and speed.

Netwire Network-Box + Security

Netwire Network-Box + Security

If you want to enjoy high-speed Internet, you need reliable networking hardware that’s latency- and delay-free. Our Netwire Network-Box allows all types of network traffic to flow securely. We also provide you with a Router and PoE switch to ensure that everyone has an access point to enjoy dedicated high-speed Internet.

Netwire Fiber Benefits Your Building

Netwire Fiber Benefits Your Building

With fiber Internet solutions that we offer, you get unlimited onsite and remote support, business phone and TV system, infinite video streams, etc. Our new commercial fiber Internet solutions also let you connect to the cloud faster!

Key Benefits of Netwire Fiber Internet

Higher Bandwidth

Fiber-based Internet solutions offer you higher bandwidth availability. At the same time,  fiber technologies ensure that Internet speed does not decrease when high demands are put on the network.

Improved Speed

Fiber Internet is many times faster than the best copper Internet connections. Commercial fiber Internet speed can range from 5 Mbps up to 100+ Gbps.

Higher Security

An essential benefit of fiber connectivity is that it’s more secure and less vulnerable to cyber attacks.

Decreased Latency

Latency stands for all those delays that occur while Internet connection is processing data. Fiber-based Internet eliminates a number of latency issues that occur when downloading or uploading high-demand content, video conferencing, making VoIP calls, etc.

Better Cloud Access

Fiber Internet delivers you higher speed and bandwidth capabilities. This means faster access to cloud-based information and software for all building occupants.

Stronger Signal

If you use standard copper-based Internet, network signal worsens as the user moves away from the source. On the contrary, the strength of fiber Internet signal doesn’t degrade quickly over distance. This is an advantage for businesses and organizations in relatively large spaces.

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