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Fiber for commercial buildings


Super fast Internet for your tenants

Netwire nex-gen Fiber Solutions support a business or an organization to enhance its operations and decision-making rate. It helps in helping the group work, both in-office and remote. Netwire nex-gen Fiber technologies help to interpret business’s communication, allow its workers to interact with each other anywhere on any device, empowering them to designate responsibilities, roles, and help groups to coordinate for resolving issues. Netwire nex-gen Fiber solutions are beneficial to accomplishing business goals.

Build you a recurring revenue

While telecommunications was the first major industry to adopt recurring revenue models, research shows information technology and entertainment are among the industries increasingly making the move.

Up to 10Gbps symmetrical internet

Fiber internet with equal download and upload speeds. Netwire provides up to 10Gbps UP/DOWN internet.

We let you focus on what you are making, not on the internet quality.

Netwire Network Box Security

Every high-speed internet needs a set of networking hardware that doesn't cause any latency and delay and allow your network's traffic type can flow securely.
With Netwire-Network-Box, we provide you with Router, PoE switch, enough access point to allow everyone enjoys using dedicated high-speed internet.

What can Netwire Fiber do for your building?

Unlimited onsite and remote support, bundle business phone and TV, infinite video streams. 

With our direct fiber service, we help you connect to your could faster and keep your network design unchanged!

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Existing Properties
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