ISP in Canada


Why become an ISP? 

In 2020, nearly 96% of Canada's population had access to online services, and the average Canadian spent over 40 hours a week online. With more than 30 million internet users in Canada, it's not surprising that there is a growing demand for internet services from both businesses and rural areas. As demand continues to increase, the need for high-speed internet services and VoIP is also expected to rise.

The Internet Your Property Needs: No Fuss, No Headaches

Businesses Breath Internet so There is That...

In a world where every aspect of human life, e.g., education, entertainment, health, business, etc., relies on online connectivity, there is little need to discuss the importance of the Internet for companies and business enterprises. From crowded metropolises to remote locations, businesses use internet to stay afloat and grow.


Also, with the commercialization of the space-internet union, especially the now routine launches of Elon Musk's Starlink satellites - SpaceX confirmed the deployment of 60 other satellites just two days ago - internet access is literally being built into the atmospohere.


The question, therefore, is not about whether you need internet.

It is more about what quality of connectivity and services you receive.

Netwire Customizes Connectivity Solutions

With today's technological breakthroughs and programming advances, the notion of carved-in-stone internet packages couldn't be farther from the truth. Your online connectivity, as well as every single service that you order, can be extensively customized based on your needs.


This customization, of course, depends on a variety of factors and circumstances, some of which include:

  Business size (e.g., small, commercial)

o   Wholesaler and wholesale program;

o   Building location & structure;

o   Intended budget & ROI;

o   Number of tenants;

o   Tenants' business types;

o   Required online services;

o   Proper internet throughput;

o   Add-on services of choice;

o   Development and scalability.

That might look a little too intricate, and it may be so. Nevertheless, there is no reason why you should settle for a below par internet service when you can pay for a commercial building internet package that has been %100 tailored to your needs and those of your tenants.

We have been doing just that for the past 15 years, and over 4,000 customers and 17 successful ISP businesses later (e.g. Carry Telecom, Canfibe, Apsis Communications, Satronics, GlobalVu, AccessWeb, etc.), you can be certain that we will deliver the connectivity and services your property and clients require.

Netwire's Internet Services at a Glance

Fiberoptic Internet


Online Security

Managed IT Services

Fiberoptic Internet

  • Symmetrical Connectivity: We develop advanced fiber Internet from scratch, from cabling and infrastructure to final service delivery, including symmetrical fiber Internet with equal download/upload speeds up to 10 Gbps to let you focus on work rather than poor internet quality and speed.
  • Public IPv4 & IPv6: IPv4 is tested and offers a constant stability regarding configurations. However, IPv6 networks come with improved security features and better mobility capabilities and are easier to manage.
  • Work from Home: Higher bandwidth goes hand in hand with the stability of fiber technology to provide an enhanced remote access and work from home experience.
  • Stable Connection: By using standard broadband Internet, your network signal worsens as you move away from the source. The strength of fiber Internet signal does not degrade quickly as the distance increases.
  • Lower Latency: Fiberoptic Internet solves latency issues like delays of processing data when downloading and uploading content including video conferencing, VoIP calls, etc.


Online Security

Managed IT Services

Netwire's Advantanges

Robust Network of Partnerships

Netwire's partners are its core strength. We have longstanding partnerships with Bell Canada, Rogers Communications, and Cogent Communications; Wireless Netware Technology Ltd. as the only MikroTik Certified Training Center and MikroTik VAD Master Distributor in ON, Canada; ARIN (American Registry for Internet Numbers); RIPE NCC (Réseaux IP Européens Network Coordination Centre).

Development Foresight

We plan a network that can be developed for the next 10 years without creating unnecessary costs. Through such development predictions, property managers and business owners have the freedom to plan business development plans and account for scalibility as a determining criteria when ordering their services.

Cost Absorption

We aim to lower costs for clients throughout our projects by absorbing the costs of construction. Moreover, based on each project, we may be able to offer short- and long-term financial proposal to create favorable investment opportunities for property managers based on periodic ROIs.

Proactive Monitoring

No service can be absolutely flawless, yet when you order a service, you as the customer should not be the one who worries about possible future issues. We consider it as a responsibility to constantly monitor our services and attend to possible issues often before clients realize any problems.

Secure Stability

No network or internet service can function properly if it is prone to invasive online activities. With multi-layered firewalls and a constantly upgraded security protocols, we guarantee robust security for our services to tackle any malware, phishing and ransomware.

Clear Business Interactions

Constructive and continuous business interactions are only possible when they are based upon clarity, mutual benefits, and flexibility. We use simple business processes, do not have any hidden fees, and offer business options with or without contracts based on the preference of our clients.