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Netwire is a next-generation network connectivity solution provider.

Being a frontrunner in network and internet solutions, Netwire has established itself in the market as being specialists in MikroTik and delivering cost-effective, reliable and secure networks. 
Our company believes that its smart solutions will help your business function effectively and grow with you in the future. 


Our primary service offering ISP Turn-Key solutions consists of 


  • Bell Fiber, ENNI, AGAS, HSSA, DIA
  • Rogers Fiber, CNI, TPIA, VAR, DIA
  • Cogent Colocation, Internet Access, Data Transport
  • Wireless Netware Network solution, Routers, Switches, Wireless, Training, Consultancy.


We service two customer segments: 


  • Service providers: "From 400 up to over 60,000 customers." 

Including; MSBs, VoIP, Security Camera, Home Automation, Internet and Wireless Internet Service Providers.


  • Businesses and corporates: "Small business to Fortune 100 companies."

Including; Small businesses, Industries, Commercial buildings, Residential towers.


Build Your (w)ISPs Increase Your Revenue up to 70% 


  • Lower your core infrastructure costs by leasing new hardware
  • Receive credits for your old network equipment
  • Enjoy worry-free 24/7 disaster recovery support
  • Lower your operation costs by leveraging our Bell / Rogers/cogent
  • Expand your wireless footprint in unserved and underserved rural areas
  • Get the right training and learn how to simplify your network design


Increase productivity and lower your management costs 

Choose Netwire ISP in Canada

Why Choose Netwire ISP in Canada

Netwire Internet Canada provider was established more than 15 years ago by a team of Internet connectivity geeks in Ontario. Since then, we have evolved into a well-established nation-wide ISP in Canada offering you the latest fiber-optic Internet solutions and affordable Internet access plans. We work with businesses, leasing industry, and smaller ISPs, creating powerful, reliable and ultra-fast network connectivity solutions.

Fastest ISP in Canada


In 2020 Netwire Inc. is one of the fastest ISP in Canada with its next-generation fiber solutions and powerful MikroTik hardware. To ensure the best Internet connectivity for your business or organization, we use MikroTik Netwire Network-Box hardware. With this powerful hardware, you’ll forget about connectivity issues, frequent downtime, bulky equipment and slow Internet speed. Get a new networking solution from Netwire, and we’ll be your trusted ISP in Canada on guard of any network-related issues!

Affordable Prices


We believe that quality Internet is what every business, commercial or residential building should have access to. That’s why Netwire Internet Canada provider bridges high-end technologies and the demand for fast and reliable Internet, delivering you powerful Internet solutions that don’t beat on your pocket. The nice thing is that your quote always includes lifetime support for any connectivity-related issues and a handful of other services.

Exceptional Customer Care


High customer satisfaction is our primary goal. That’s why Netwire works with every client one-on-one, communicating with you through your Tech Partner. Once we settle down the initial agreement with you, your local Tech Partner will survey the property finding the best networking solution to fully accommodate your needs. Next, this expert will deliver and install the solution, providing you with all the guidance you need to get the most of your new networking solution.

Lifetime Support


We’re an ISP in Canada providing clients with lifetime support. As long as you use a Netwire ISP solution, we’ll offer you managed on-site support, phone support, smart security risks monitoring, disaster recovery, comprehensive manuals, etc. So, in case you have any questions regarding your Netwire ISP solution, don’t hesitate to contact us for a detailed answer. We’re always ready to step in to make sure that you’re 100% happy with your Internet connectivity!